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Northridge Screen Service carries a wide range of products for window screens and door screens. Our customers know we take pride in the quality of our frames, mesh, hardware, and accessories.  We spare no expense to deliver a lasting custom-built solution that looks great.

Screen Doors

If you need to replace your patio or porch screen doors with something better, we have the perfect solution.

All our high quality screen doors are custom-built and installed to meet your specifications using heavy duty aluminum frames in various color finishes. We can provide different kinds of door screen mesh to meet your particular needs too.

Door and Window Accessories

Door screen and window screen accessories are generally considered to be decorative items added to a window or door screen such as pet grills, pet doors, or additional  locks and latches.

Although these items do have a somewhat decorative aspect to them they are in addition highly functional, preventing pets from damaging your door or window screens by placing a barrier to the mesh by way of a grille or guard, or by allowing them access by way of the pet door, thus preventing them from having to scratch at the mesh.

Door and Window Hardware

Door screen and window screen hardware are those items which enhance or are necessary for the proper functioning of door or window screens. These items include but are not limited to rollers and latches for sliding patio doors, hinges and closers for swinging doors, or clips and fasteners for window screens.

The critical aspect to any of these items is their functionality. Using the correct hardware, installed properly will make all the difference in a door or window screen that functions properly; eliminating the need for constant attention on the part of the homeowner or maintenance personnel.

Please contact us by phone or online with your screen product questions. We will be happy to assist you.


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