We Bring Our Screen and Window Repair Shop To You!

We are the original complete mobile window and door screen service delivering the convenience of service at your home, remodeling project or commercial job site.

We specialize in providing window, door and screen repairs and service to residential and commercial properties. We have a full shop with additional equipment and inventory, however our main business is done out of our Mobile shop that comes to your door. Our Mobile Screen Repair Truck is very well equipped and stocked with a large number of inventory items. We offer complete window and door service too. We stock a large inventory of hard-to-find and custom parts for your doors and windows. We stock, rollers, latches, handles, hinges and many more items. We can even build custom screen doors for your home or business. We service residential properties primarily, however, we can help many commercial properties as well.

mobile window repair expert

Services we provide at your location

  • New Custom fit Window & Door Screens
  • Mirage™ Retractable “Disappearing” door screens”
  • Sliding Glass patio door Rollers & Locks (*)
  • Window latches & Sash Balances (*)
  • Sliding Patio Screen door Latches & Rollers
  • Patio enclosure panels New & Re-Screened
  • Pet Guards
  • Fiberglass, Aluminum, Bronze, & Stainless Steel Screen mesh
  • Glassine Patio Enclosure clear vinyl
  • Custom Wood Window Screens, Hinged and Sliding Patio Doors
  • Roll-Away™ “Disappearing window screens
  • Sliding patio screen door Self Closers
  • Foundation Crawl Space access panels, Foundation and Attic Eave Vent Screens

*  We are asked often if we replace glass. The short answer is no, unless of course we break it first.  Kidding aside; the glass business is a distinct type of business from screens with its own equipment and challenges.  Although many glass and screen business exist; it has been our experience that those who try to do both, generally end up not doing either one very well.  For that reason if your sliding patio doors or windows require glass replacement we’ll be happy to recommend a qualified glazing Contractor.

Since 1964 our goal of providing quality materials, dependability of service and individual attention to each project have been the standards by which we ask each of our customers to measure our contribution to the communities we serve in Southern California.

Measurement, fabrication and installation of your custom fit window and door screens take place at your home or job site; insuring a job done correctly and efficiently the first time!

Take a moment to explore a few of our more popular and innovative products. If you have requirements not seen here or would like to contact us to discuss your individual project, please feel free to reach us.

We are a State of California Licensed, Bonded and properly Insured Contractor.  Our Contractors License Number is <strong>#763209. </strong>Hiring a licensed and properly insured contractor to perform services at your home or business should be very important to you. When unlicensed or uninsured people enter your home to perform services you could be at risk of incurring substantial losses if something should go wrong or someone is injured. An unlicensed contractor lacking workers compensation insurance means you as a home or business owner and your property insurance underwriter may find yourselves financially responsible for any injuries sustained by the employees of an unlicensed, uninsured contractor.

Additionally, a non-licensed contractor may not perform the work to proper state, county, and city codes.  This can cause problems for you later, even if you should sell your home to someone else.

Play it safe, hire a licensed and insured contractor to perform Window and Door Screen, Window and Sliding Glass patio door repairs.  In the long run, it’s a much better value.

You can check out our license and insurance status at the California State Board of Contractors