Northridge Screen Service Privacy Policy

To: Customers & Vendors:

Please know that Northridge Screen Service places a high value on the trust you demonstrate toward us by allowing us to provide our services to you. To that end we exercise due diligence as regards any personal, or financial information you make available to us.

Northridge Screen Service collects when necessary Name(s), Phone number(s), e-mail address(s), job location address(s) and credit card information (if required) in order to respond in a timely and effective manner to your requests for quotes , on-site service or mail order requests.

Northridge Screen Service does not share this information with any third party marketing entities. We do not generate nor do we make available any “mailing or contact lists” to our vendors, customers, or financial institutions.

Payments received in the form of personal or business checks are deposited directly to our business account(s) and except for credit card transaction are not handled by way of any direct data capture programs on our part. Credit card transactions are handled in compliance with current Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council Level 4. For information regarding our current compliance please contact:

We do appreciate your business, and pledge to continue our efforts to protect your privacy and personal information as regards our business relationships with you.


Steve Miller

Northridge Screen Service