FAQ – Mobile Screen Repairs

Steve Miller, Owner of Northridge Screen Service
Steve Miller, Owner of Northridge Screen Service (Click to enlarge)

Northridge Screen Service is a Top Choice in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities for Window & Door Screens as well as Glass Window and Sliding Glass Patio Door Repairs.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our services.

Do you come to our home to repair the screens?

Yes, we do.  That is our main business and the way we can guarantee the best workmanship.  We maintain a warehouse and office.  However, this location is for our customer service personnel to handle your calls and to stock inventory for our trucks.  Our service is done at your location.  Just call us and we’ll be there.

Do you accommodate Same Day Service?

We certainly do when we can.  Of course, this will depend on our current workload which can change on a daily basis and your availability.  So, please give us a call and we can see if we can work out the details for you; especially if security is an issue, we’ll try to accommodate your request.

Can the service be completed in one call?

This is one of the biggest reasons our customers appreciate our service and refer us to their friends and family…Yes; we usually complete the service with one trip to your home. We are one of the best equipped, most experienced and well stocked mobile screen repair companies around.

We do everything in our power to complete the work quickly and expertly in one trip. Obviously, there can be exceptions, but they are just that, exceptions. We understand that your project is important to you, but we also realize that you have many demands upon your time.

Are you the cheapest mobile screen service in the San Fernando Valley?

To us cheapest implies a value judgment which suggests that the goal should be providing the lowest value product rather than offering good value for the price. Good value to us means offering top tier materials and excellent workmanship. A product that will endure and in the long run be the least costly alternative.

We do of course realize that larger “production” projects often are compelled to achieve a price point in order to keep within the demands of a strict product budget. We can offer these customers guidance and insight regarding their choice in materials for their particular applications.

What type of professionalism and quality can I expect?

Perhaps this will tell you: approximately 90% of our customers come from referrals and repeat customers.  Simply put, you cannot achieve this by cutting corners in professionalism or the quality of the product.  We’ve been serving generations of customer for over 40 years.  Additionally you can find us at the Angie’s List referral site and in the Verizon Superpages Super Guarantee program  We highly value referrals and repeat customers; it’s the best form of advertising we know of, and can’t be purchased at any price!

Do you show up on time?

This is extremely important to us. When we set appointment to be at your home for screen service and repairs, we stick to it! We know we hate it when companies arrange to be at our homes for some service and they don’t show up or bother to call; especially if we’ve taken time away from work or other activities.

At Northridge Screen Service we place the same value on your time as we would expect you do on ours, and to that end we do everything within our power keep that appointment and be on time. We can’t foresee every possible event. In those rare instances, you can be assured that we will notify you at the earliest moment if we are running behind.